"One of the most important hermeneutical constraints one should adopt in order to avoid such reductionism is this: Permit the various attributes and characteristics of God to function in your theology only in the ways in which they function in Scripture; never permit them to function in your theology in such a way that the primary data, the data of Scripture, are contradicted. Thus one must not infer fatalism from the sweeping biblical data about God's sovereignty; one must not infer that God is finite from the constant biblical portrayal of God personally interacting with finite persons. From God's knowledge and sovereignty we must not justify prayerlessness; from the exhortations to pray and not give up, we must not suppose God is coerced by our much speaking (compare Matt. 6:7-8 and Luke 18:1). Precisely because God is so gloriously rich and complex a being, we must draw out the lessons the biblical writers draw out, and no others."

- D.A. Carson
Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl . . .

Seriously, what color is this?

The End

Updated, 12/29/2014

It was nearly twelve years ago, in the wee morning hours at a Moot at BloDingle, that the idea of starting a "weblog" first occurred to the Thinklings.

What came next has been quite a ride! Especially in the early years, when the blogosphere was far more like the wild west and anyone with an opinion and the ability to turn a good phrase could gain an audience and delicious interaction with all manner of viewpoints. This was before the Darwinian rise of professional blogs and the distracting and overwhelming advent of social media made amateur blogging, for most of us, a trip into the wilderness.

It's been a blast. We've survived blog wars and spamalanches, enjoyed hours of meaty conversation and less weighty blog excursions that had us laughing until we cried. Everything from deep debates on Soteriology to the color of green Gatorade has been free game. We've had several blog-reboots and redesigns, we've expanded and shrunk our contributor ranks, been viciously hacked and lived to tell the tale, we've played chess and have even had a few Blo sightings. We've debunked, re-thunk, "friended" other blogs before that was a thing and have had our share of crazies and haters. We've built relationships with dear people we never met in real life. We saw at least one blog-friend get sick and pass away. We all (especially yours truly) have gotten older; there are Thinklings grandkids now. Personally some of us have been through serious (and unblogged) trials and have come out the other side. Thanks be to God.

For those of you, our blog-friends, who went on the ride with us, we thank you.

But all things come to an end. It has been quite some time since we as a group have done justice to the original purpose of this blog. We have debated shutting it down for the last few years and we finally came to agreement recently.

It is time. Farewell, friends.

God loves you blogosphere. And so do we.